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    CBD 6:1 THC Cannabis Tincture

    A super fast acting full spectrum cannabis tincture with botanicals to help you get a rested, deep sleep



    Vegan Ingredients

    Sustainably Sourced



    A Natural Remedy For Sleepless Nights



    Combat insomnia and wakefulness

    Relieve Tension

    Relieve Tension

    Reset your sleep cycle

    Refreshed Mornings

    Refreshed Mornings

    Wake up ready to go

    Sleep Origin

    Jeff Hefti, Advisor

    Sleep Origin

    I’ve always had problems sleeping, but they’ve become more acute over the past several years. My doctor put me through a sleep study and diagnosed me with sleep apnea. Our Sleep Tincture has helped me find restful sleep throughout this experience and is the only sleep product that I’ve tried that works for me. I’m proud of the work we’re doing at Trilogía and excited to share these products with others who share similar problems.

    —Jeff Hefti, Advisor 

    The Future of Relaxation Innovated in Santa Cruz, CA

    • NATURAL GOODNIGHT RESTLESS NIGHTSTrilogia Sleep instantly releases bioactive compounds that help you fall into a deep sleep, stay asleep throughout the night, and wake up with an overall feeling of restfulness.
    • A MORE PRECISE CANNABIS SLEEP AIDEffective and non-habit forming, our unique blend of cannabinoids and terpenes work synergistically to usher you into a full night of restorative sleep.
    • THE HIGHEST STANDARDSAlways 100% free of chemicals, additives, and pesticides, our organicly-grown cannabis uses industry-leading extraction methods. See for yourself below.

    Scientifcally Different & More Effective

    Sleep is engineered using a break-through delivery system, which wraps all of our ingredients in a lipid called a “liposome”.

    a small amount of nutrients absorb slowly

    a small amount of nutrients absorb slowly


    Pills, gummies, or other tinctures are slower to onset, less absorbant, and therefore less effective.

    a large amount of nutrients absorb quickly*

    a large amount of nutrients absorb quickly*


    Our technology protect the protects the nutrients from your stomach, and delivers them directly into your bloodstream.

    *Clinical Trial 70% bio availability absorbs into the system within minutes
    Sleep Key Ingredients:

    Sleep Key Ingredients:

    • B-Caryophyllene
    • Cannabis extract
    • Limonene
    • Linalool
    • Terpinolene
    • GABA
    • Curcumin

    Meet Our Formulators

    Our core experts team in biochemistry, Ayurvedic medicine, and lipid technology, innovated our formulas making sure that each bottle contains the latest and most effective remedies.

    Sera Passalaqua

    Sera Passalaqua

    Lead Formulator

    With a bachelors in plant biology and chemistry from Humbolt State University, Sera has worked exclusively in the field of cannabis for over 6 years, predominantly researching terpenes and cannabinoids.

    Hardip Kalsi

    Hardip Kalsi

    Lead Chemist

    In addition to having a masters in biochemistry and molecular biology, Hardip has over 13 years of experience in cannabinoid-to-body interface, and a background in ayurvedic medicine.

    Dr. Emek Blair

    Dr. Emek Blair

    Lead Biochemist

    Dr. Emek has worked with plant-based medicines for over 15 years, leading to several advanced discoveries that have given him a unique perspective on the potential for cannabinoids and terpenes.  


    how much should i use?

    This is a low THC product, but there is THC in our formulation. If you are not a cannabis user we recommend starting with a half dose, or half a dropper-full, and gradually working your way up to a full dropper. For more experienced cannabis users, start with one dropper-full, not exceeding more than 3 droppers per use. If you are looking for a more intense, euphoric high, we recommend pairing this product with Trilogía Bliss. 

    when is the best time to use trilogia sleep?

    Take 30 minutes to an hour before bedtime. It is important to only take this product if you have at least the next five to eight hours available for sleeping. Trilogia Sleep is designed to help you get into the deep, rejuvenating stage of sleep you actually need to start your day feeling refreshed.

    how should i store this product?

    Trilogia Sleep can be kept at room temperature until opened. Proper storage helps protect its effectiveness. Keep it in a cool, dry place, like your refrigerator, nightstand, or medicine cabinet. Be sure to follow the instructions on how to store properly.

    is trilogia sleep safe to use while pregnant?

    Do not use Trilogía Sleep if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, operating heavy machinery or driving (or have plans to drive within 5 hours of use). Trilogía Sleep is incredibly potent, please use it in measured, responsible doses for an optimal experience. 

    Trilogía Sleep provides an immediate sense of relaxation to your entire body in preparation for deep, restorative sleep. The effects are often felt within minutes and can take full effect within an hour. Be sure to give yourself the proper amount of time to rest because the formulation lasts for hours. You will experience the effects of Trilogía Sleep throughout the night and should wake up feeling well-rested and fresh. Do not take this product for short naps or short periods of sleep, as the experience can last for over five hours. It may take a few tries to find your optimal dose. We recommend starting with the recommended dose and modulating up or down depending upon your experience and tolerance to cannabis.