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    So You're High In Lockdown—Now What?

    By Emily Earlenbaugh - 4 min read

    So You're High In Lockdown—Now What?

    It's just another day in lockdown… but what day is it again? This time of quarantine can get a little bit monotonous. Without shifts like going to work during the week, and spending time with friends or being out and about during the weekend, it can start to feel like one day just blends into the next. Cannabis can help ease anxiety and shift the mood. However, if you are used to using cannabis to augment activities from your previous out-of-the-house life, getting high and sitting around at home can feel just as monotonous as anything else. 

    If you are getting bored and wishing for some way to break up the dullness of your uneventful day, you aren't the only one. Here are 10 suggestions for fun things you can do high on cannabis while you are stuck at home.

    1. Go Outside

    One of the best things you can do right now is to spend some time in nature. So if it's possible for you, find a way to get outside. Go for a socially distant walk or spend some time in your own backyard if you have one. I like to set up a blanket outside to just lay on and stare up at the sky. Or you can do whatever you want to do outside—just get out there and get some fresh air. It's a great way to relax and enjoy a little sunshine.

    2. Play a Game

    Have you ever played a board game while high? It’s surprisingly fun—even with simple games (and for some of us simple games are actually the best ones to play when high). If you have others in your quarantine bubble, get playful and childlike. Break out your favorite childhood board games or ones you enjoy now and make an afternoon of it. It just might bring you back to a simpler time.

    3. Konmari Your House

    Have you heard of Marie Kondo’s ‘Konmari’ method for tidying your house? In short, you go through all your belongings and only keep those which 'spark joy.' I have done this a few times while high, and there is something so calming about cleaning, tidying and organizing while you're blissed out on cannabis. You don't have to do your entire house, but try tackling one area or category like your clothes, your kitchen, or your home office and see how it feels. You may find your whole house is organized before the quarantine is done.

    4. Learn to Paint

    Did you ever watch Bob Ross as a kid? This mesmerizing painter is known for his super relaxing painting tutorial videos. If you are feeling creativeor just want to play around with some paintthis is the perfect time to start. Just order a beginner's paint set, find a tutorial video, get high, and try it out. You can use Bob Ross whose calming voice is pretty ideal for a cannabis-infused painting session—or find a lot of different tutorials for painting on youtube.

    5. Put Together a Puzzle

    Another super relaxing activity to do while high is to put together a jigsaw puzzle. Find one with a picture you love, set up some table space to put it together on, enjoy a little cannabis, and settle in for some puzzling. You may be surprised at how engaging it can be while still providing so much quiet time.

    6. Try a New Workout

    Exercise is essential for keeping your immune system healthy and your anxiety lowtwo essentials for this pandemic. But it's not easy to exercise when the gyms, yoga studios, and parks are all closed. So why not take this moment to try out a new workout that you can do in your own home. Youtube is full of tutorial videos for just about every form of exercise you can imagine. Learn how to dance, take up tai chi, try kickboxing. There are many options, and it can be a great "date night" option as well. My husband recently surprised me with a virtual waltz lesson, and it was a really romantic time. Follow your inspiration and pick up a new healthy hobby that you can enjoy high throughout the lockdown and take with you when it is all over.

    7. Experiment in the Kitchen

    There are few things as enjoyable when you are high and bored than delicious food. Still, it's not as easy to run out for your favorite takeout these days. Also, many of us are trying to save money and stay safe by cooking at home. This can seem like a big chore on the day-to-day, but you can also make it fun by getting creative. Try a new recipe, or if you are feeling daringtry making up your own. You can even make it into a fun game with your "quarenteam" by making it an Iron Chef-like competition. Have everyone create a dish using one or two of the same ingredientsthen have a little judging panel where you all dry the dishes and discuss.

    8. Take Time to Meditate 

    One thing I hear from cannabis users over and over again is how cannabis allowed them to finally sit down and meditate. While you are stuck in lockdown, why not explore your inner world with some cannabis meditation? Meditation doesn’t have to be intimidating. It’s really just a practice of sitting down and being with your own experiencewhatever that is. You can try guided meditations or just take some time to sit down and let yourself feel into the moment.

    9. Make Crystals or Slime with Borax 

    You could also get a little silly with a childlike craft project and make some crystals or slime using Borax. This naturally occurring mineral will form hard crystals around pipe cleaners if you leave both in water overnight or mix it with glue and water to create slime. Have you ever held slime when you're high? It's a multi-sensory experience. 

    10. Space Out to an ASMR Ambiance Video 

    Sometimes this quarantine has me feeling too spaced out to do much at all. That's when I love spacing out to ASMR ambiance videos. These gorgeous videos are like living pictures. They set a scene and provide a soothing audio track to match. You can find an endless supply on youtube and travel to so many beautiful locations from your computer. You can even find yourself in a fantasy land. My favorite destinations include a mystical hot spring, a hobbit hole, a courtyard with a waterfall, a magical classroom from Harry Potter, an underwater hotel, and an enchanted forest at night. Where do you want to spend your time?