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    How To Plan a Virtual 420 Party

    By Emily Earlenbaugh - 5 min read

    How To Plan a Virtual 420 Party

    Are you stuck at home, isolated, with nothing to do? Welcome to the new normal. People across the globe are suddenly being asked to stay home and stay away from each other. For the time being, our in-person gatherings, smoke circles, and 420 happy hours are on hold. But just because you’re stuck at home doesn’t mean you can’t be with your friends and have a good time. You can still bring your friends together for a virtual 420 friendly gathering – it might not be the same as in-person – but it’s a lot more fun than being alone.

    While you can’t try your friend’s new favorite strain or pass a joint around the circle in a virtual smoke sesh, you can hang out with your friends, medicate, chat, laugh and chill. I’ve been doing this for a few weeks, and it’s actually been a lot of fun. In some ways, it’s easier to see my friends than ever before. So I thought I’d pass on some tips for getting started and ideas for fun variations of a 420 happy hour.

    Your next cannabis-friendly hangout maybe just a few clicks away.

    Setting up Your 420 Virtual Session

    Hosting a virtual hangout is pretty easy these days. There are so many services that allow group video chatting from Zoom to Google hangouts to Facebook messenger. Some cost money for a regular membership, but many offer free accounts if you aren’t using it for business. Find one that works well for your needs and then invite your friends to the virtual party – remembering to send a link to the virtual room and the time to meet.

    Before your party, get yourself set up someplace comfy, where you can also use your cannabis. Ideally, you want this space to be quiet, so close any doors, silence any noisy robots like washing machines, dishwashers, or fans. Then, set the stage. Get your favorite cannabis – and any supplies you need like an ashtray, grinder, lighter, or your favorite pipe. I like to open up the virtual room a little early, so I can see how my space looks on camera before my guests arrive. You can throw on some light tunes in the background, get the lighting right, fix the funny thing your hair is doing – that kind of thing. Some people are even going as far as putting up custom virtual backgrounds behind them.

    Then meet your group online at the appointed time and enjoy the fun. Catch up, medicate, and chill with your favorite people. That in and of itself is a recipe for a great time, but if you want to mix up your virtual smoke session, even more, customize it with a fun theme or activity. There are so many possibilities, but here are a few to get you started.

    420 Movie Watching Party 

    The first time I got high, I watched a funny movie and laughed so hard, my face hurt. It’s one of my favorite memories with cannabis, so watching movies with my 420 friends will always have a soft spot in my heart. This week, I tried it in a virtual format – gathering my friends together for a movie-watching party online. We started with a pre-watch smoke and chat session and then watched a movie together. It was surprisingly easy, and it was nice to see my friends cozying up on their couches and hear their voices laughing and joking as the movie went on.

    To show a movie at your virtual 420 sessions, you’ll need to use a video conferencing service that allows screen sharing. Then, when you’re ready to watch, stream the movie from the same computer you’re chatting on, click share screen, and make sure your microphone doesn’t get muted. Your friends will be able to see and hear the movie you are streaming!

    Group Cannabis Meditation 

    Another way to connect with your friends is with a cannabis meditation session. We’re all feeling the stress right now, and meditation can really help calm down an active nervous system and bring you and your loved ones back into balance. I’ve been doing a lot of online meditation lately, and it’s been wonderful to still be able to tap into the energy of group meditation practice, even when I can’t be there in person.

    You can host a 420 meditation session yourself so easily. All it takes is getting everyone into a group chat and then sitting in silence together. Or, if you want a more guided experience, there are so many guided meditations available for free online. Find one that speaks to you and play it during your group meditation so everyone can be guided along.

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    Meet In An ‘ASMR Room’ 

    ASMR, or autonomous sensory meridian response, is a response the body has to certain soft noises like whispering or wind blowing through the trees. These sounds promote a tingling sensation in the body and can be very relaxing for those who experience it. Because of this, online artists have started to make ASMR videos of beautiful scenes with ASMR sound effects. On Youtube, you can find countless videos of cozy cottages with crackling fireplaces, beautiful forests with birds singing in the trees, or even settings from fantasy realms like Harry Potter’s Hogwarts or Lord of the Ring’s Hobbiton or Rivendell.

    So why sit in your house when you could have your smoke-sesh in a fantasy world? Invite your friends to a video chat, pull up your favorite ASMR world, and use your screen share to make it the background of your conversation. You and your friends will be transported someplace new and can chill out and relax to the calm-inducing sounds while you all enjoy your cannabis.

    Have 420 Game Night

    Another way you can enjoy hanging out with your friends online is with games. I’ve had a few online game nights since social distancing began, and it has been really great to do something fun to take all our minds off of the stressful circumstances. I’ve been using the online format to play role-playing games like Dungeons & Dragons. These games mostly involve conversation as the game-play, so are easy to play on video chat. But if you aren’t into RPG’s, you can also utilize online games for this. Finding a phone-based game that allows you and your friends to play with each other would make this especially easy. Have everyone get on the phone game,  then add a video conference on your computer. The combination will allow you to both play and chat at the same time.

    How are you celebrating 420 this year? Let us know in the comments.

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