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    How To Plan A Cannabis-Friendly Party

    By Emily Earlenbaugh - 4 min read

    How To Plan A Cannabis-Friendly Party

    Someday, we won’t all be stuck at home. And there’s no time like the present to get your house ready for the most excellent 420-friendly reunion party EVER.

    Fact: going to a party where cannabis isn’t allowed isn’t always fun for those of us who use cannabis as our medicine or preferred recreational option. If cannabis, rather than the ubiquitous alcohol,  is what helps put you in a social, relaxed, and partying mood, you are definitely going to miss it when you party. So it’s no surprise that as more parts of the world continue to embrace cannabis legalization, cannabis users are coming together on a new trend –  420 friendly parties. These festive events range from small, high-end infused dinner parties to family-friendly BBQs with a cannabis smoking section in the backyard to giant ragers with dance music and full-service dab bars – and everything in between.

    The one thing all these parties have in common? Cannabis use is allowed and even celebrated.

    This can be a massive deal for cannabis users since it is a place where they don’t have to hide or sneak off to enjoy their favorite plant. And the possibilities for what that party is like are endless.

    However you like to party; there are some basic guidelines for cannabis-friendly events that can help make your 420 friendly parties a success. And of course, there are some common mistakes people make when hosting these events.

    Read on to learn what you can do to ensure your party is a fun and safe experience for everyone involved.

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    Prepare Your Space for Cannabis 

    The first step in throwing your party is setting up your space before the party even begins. Since cannabis use is the crucial ingredient in any 420 friendly party, you’ll want to designate areas in your space for smoking and vaping. You should also create spaces where there is some fresh, cannabis-free air. Even cannabis users sometimes don’t want to hang out in second-hand smoke all day. We all have our limits, and some canna-folks don’t even smoke their cannabis. It’s good to have a space to retreat to where there isn’t smoke and vapor in the air. Put up signs in these spaces and let guests know where it is and isn’t ok to smoke.

    If you are supplying cannabis products for your guests—which is a kind offer but not a requirement for hosting a cannabis-friendly party— make it clear what is up for grabs and what is your personal supply. It can be nice to have a little station set up with a sign that lets guests know to help themselves and labels, so they know what strains of cannabis are on offer. Some cannabis users are sensitive to differences between strains and need this information to use it.

    You can also offer supplies like rolling papers and grinders or roll up prerolls for individual use beforehand. I like to make super tiny prerolls to encourage people to each take their own rather than share joints that can spread germs around. Encourage pipe or vape users to bring their own devices.

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    Offer Infused Food

    If you are doing a cannabis dinner party or offering any infused foods, there are some critical factors to keep in mind. One of the worst mistakes hosts of 420 friendly parties can make is putting too much cannabis in the food. A standard marijuana edible is usually much too potent for this kind of party setting. They are designed to be a single serving in something small, like a cookie or candy. If you ate an entire meal at that dose, you’d be waaaay too medicated. Instead, make very low dose, infused foods (aim for 10-20x less cannabis than in a standard edible). Spread the dose out over an entire meal or use cannabinoids that won’t get you high, like CBD.

    It’s also helpful to include some non-infused foods so that when guests have had enough, but their munchies are kicking in, they can continue to snack without increasing their high. And of course, always label which foods are infused and which are not- with any details like potency, and the strains or cannabinoids used – so guests know what they are getting into.

    Respect the Alcohol/THC Interaction 

    If you are offering alcohol as well as cannabis at your party, it’s also essential to keep in mind that these two drugs interact with each other. While often used in conjunction during parties, this combination can have some surprising effects. It turns out that alcohol actually increases the amount of THC absorbed into the bloodstream and also increases THC’s psychoactive effects. Those new to mixing these two may find themselves less functional they expected to be. Make sure to let your guests know about this effect so they can pace their consumption accordingly.

    This combination also impacts driving ability more severely than cannabis alone, so let your guests know to plan ahead with designated drivers, taxis home, or a plan to crash at your place when the party’s over.

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